1. hotelstroganov:

    Typical Portuguese village, whose history dates back to 6000 years ago, can boast of prehistorical monuments, such as dolmen and haystacks, water spring, cheerful goats and sheep, and just peaceful and incredibly beautiful nature - all that is Fiais da Beira…

    (via margashova)

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  5. Floqq | Checkout screen UI/UX


  6. Branding for D*Lux VIP Rooms.

  7. Product Design | Diploma Project | plissé/AAIR backpack

  8. Product Design | Diploma Project  | plissé/AAIR backpack

  9. PIICK  Sustainable Case for Spectacles or Writing Utensils

  10. Development of Design Strategies and Creating Design Briefs for Russian Crystal Company ‘Gus Khrustalnyiy’

  11. Hand & Digital Sketching

  12. Design Project for Hookah Company ‘Semakov Kalyany’.

  13. Final Year BHSAD ExhibitioN

  14. ASUS Design Contest 2010. ‘Accessory in Karim Rashid Style’. 3d place

  15. Workshop with ERGONOMIDESIGN